New Age NeuroPhysiologist and Brain Injury Specialist

Dr. Sean Southland, PhD, MDAST, CBIS #18909, Neuroplastician

Founder, Chairman, Chief Science Officer, Clinical Strategist, Director of Research & Development

Dr. Southland is the attending MDAST and Director of Clinical Operations. He is a  forward thinking

specialist in biological and physiological human performance and the mind behind the ASR

and AST Matrix progression protocols. He is an American Academy Certified Brain Injury Specialist,

the Chairman of the Board and Director of Research & Technology for Performance Research

Sciences. He has been  involved with human biological and physiology  performance, health and

wellness, and research sciences for over 25 years. Dr. Southland has  completed clinical rotations

in emergency trauma, neurology, cardiology, internal medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery,

ear, nose and throat, general surgery, forensic pathology and completed certification in Forensic

Medical Investigation for head injuries and force of impact at Maricopa Medical Center. He has

continued his field of expertise with a concentration on brain injuries including pathology and

histology involving Blunt Force Trauma, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Occupational Accidents, Sports Related Trauma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Since 2009, he has focused on the latest developments in neuroscience technology and received professional training as well as certifications in a multitude of neuroscience modalities including but not limited to; American Academy Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Quantitative Electroencephalography, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Transdermal Alternating Current Stimulation, Transdermal Direct Current Stimulation, Audio Visual Entrainment, Cranial Electro Stimulation, Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Stimulation, Cross Frequency Coupling, Whole Body Vibration Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Heart Rate Variability, Photo Bio Modulation Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy. After thousands of clinical Advance Simulation Therapy sessions which led to the development of his theory: Southland’s Hierarchy of NeurOptimization, Paradigm of Neurological Function. This theory is based on a progressive, cutting-edge approach to Optimize the Mind, Activate the Body and Improve quality of life. It revolves around the AST Matrix Proprietary Progression Protocols and Acute Stress Response Training. He continues to develop and implement new protocols as more research is concluded. He has performed over 5,000 clinical sessions and gained a better understanding of human biological and physiological function relative to Acquired Brain Injury chronic disease processes, Neuro Oscillation Frequency responses, Autonomic Dysreflexia/Hyperreflexia and Parasympathetic/Sympathetic nervous system function utilizing Zero Gravity therapy. He has been a guest lecturer for the White House Parity Project on mental health, ASU Neurology Club and Florida Technical Institute and invited to lecture for Cornell University. As a researcher, he has worked on several government projects including SIDS, Genome Project and the Compendium of Physical Activities as well as elite athletic peak performance, health and wellness, quality of life and bioenergetics.  He has studied under medical doctors and research scientists who were experts in their field of study and has received several degrees and certifications. Dr. Southland has completed the health professions program at ASU and UA Medical School with a concentration in law and medicine where he was a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Honors Society. He has received a Masters and a PhD in Bio Sciences with a focus on Bioenergetics and Human Performance as well as a Doctorate in Business Administration. Dr. Southland is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, American Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, International Society for Neurofeedback and Research and has also received several certifications in human health and sports performance services.  He has finished several years of health profession research externships and clinical work. Dr. Southland’s past work experience includes serving in the armed forces, law enforcement, fire safety, psychology, nuclear biological chemical safety, intellectual property, bioenergetics, thermogenics, longevity and elite athletic performance. Dr. Southland is the President and cofounder of the IDEA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization dedicated to helping children and veteran families with autism and other neurological disorders. Beyond his education and employment, he has received his pilot’s license and has raced karts, motocross and production cars. He currently holds an open competition pro-license with NASA, ASA and SCCA. Dr. Southland has an undeniable passion in research and development to impact all forms of Acquired Brain Injury as well as children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Neurological Disorders.